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Santa Barbara Naturals offers a new range of innovative and natural home air fresheners that make life more enjoyable and comfortable by removing, absorbing and freshening bad odors and smells – room odor, bathroom odor, pet odor, dog odor, cat box odor, kitchen odor, fridge odor, dishwasher odor or car odor − all available at affordable pricing.

Our products combine innovative technology and design all made with natural and effective ingredients. We do not use the harsh chemicals that you will find as the active ingredients in most air fresheners and household products. Our active ingredients are natural − for example, we use orange peel, seaweed extracts and lemons etc. We only use natural fragrances and essential oils in all our products − not the synthetic fragrances that you will find in most air fresheners.

We invite you to learn more about our products and encourage you to experience the difference for yourself. And please, tell your friends!

Make your home smell GREAT with Santa Barbara Naturals Air Fresheners!
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Safe, natural fridge odor absorber
Natural Fridge
Odor Absorbers

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Natural citrus air fresheners - orange air freshener, grapefruit air freshener, lime air freshener
Natural Citrus
Air Fresheners

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Safe, natural lemon dishwasher freshener
Natural Dishwasher

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